The product page is the first page you should start optimizing on your store. Many people think this should be the homepage but in fact most customers would make a decision whether or not to by a product from you on the product page.

Furthermore, depending on what you’re selling, it’s very likely a large part of your customers would land on your store by clicking on a link in a post on a social media platform like Facebook or Instagram, a Google ad or a link in a message sent to them by a friend in an app like Whatsapp. These links rarely refer to the homepage of the store and very often they link directly to a product page.


There are so many different ways a product page can be organized! Whatever your product is though, there’re some elements customers would expect to see on a product page:

  • Image of the product
  • Product title
  • Price
  • Product variants/options
  • Quantity field
  • “Add to Cart” button
  • Product description

Depending on the product, there’re other features that your customers might consider crucial like a size guide for example.

Additionally, it’s worth considering adding a product reviews section to build customer trust and to help visitors make the right choice.