The homepage is the main page of your store and it serves as a starting point. It is the default page that loads if you visit a web address, which only contains your domain.

There are many different ways the home page can be organized depending on your business. While it is usually the the most important page for the majority of the websites on the Internet, it is very likely that most of your customers land directly on specific product pages rather than your homepage after following an ad link they have seen on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or another sales channel.

That said, it is crucial to have an engaging, easy to use homepage that communicates the values of your company and focuses on your best products.

Most online stores have a header and a footer that appear on all pages and only the content between these sections changes based on the URL.

On the homepage, it is a common practice to have a “hero” section right below the header that could be a large, site-wide image with text and CTA button, a video or a slideshow with rotating slides. The hero section is where you would want to promote your latest products or your currently active sale campaign for example.

Below the hero section, you can either add banners to featured products or collections or you might also want to use the space to display some key selling points like a “free shipping” message.

Above the footer, many stores place a newsletter sign up box and/or an FAQ section, so potential customers can quickly find details about common questions like what payment methods are accepted on your store or information about your returns policy.

Even though it is located at the bottom, the footer is a very imporant part of any page. This is the place where visitors expect to find quick links to some standard pages like an “About us” page, a “Contact” page with a form they can fill in to get in touch with you, more information about terms and conditions and links to social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok where they can learn more about your brand.