Incremental adoption

Choosing whether to build a tranditional Shopify storefront with Liquid or to pick the Hydrogen framework can be difficult.

Each of these two options offers some advantages but also introduces some challenges. Is there any way to take the best of both worlds though? Is it possible to host parts of the shop using tranditional Liquid templates (collection, product pages) but benefit from the flexibility that Hydrogen provides and build some unique landing pages or custom product configurator pages? Over time, if Hydrogen proves to be the right choice, is it possible to gradually migrate all pages to the headless app?

At the moment, there are some limited opportunities to achieve this. A potential solution would be to route all requests to the Hydrogen build by default and if there isn’t any relevant content to return, redirect the customer to the equivalent page on the Online Store channel.

Hopefully a more advanced solution would be released in next versions of the Hydrogen framework that offers more control and flexibility.